Five-Step Cleaning Process Includes:

  1. Flushing all lines with biodegradable cleaning solution
  2. Thoroughly rinsing lines with fresh water
  3. Cleaning each tap spout and surrounding area
  4. Checking that all connections are tight
  5. Finally, ensure that beer is pouring correctly before leaving

NOTE: Due to the different procedures of each establishment, we do not change empty kegs.
If beer lines are not serviced regularly, it may take numerous cleanings to eliminate the build up in the lines. There are situations when it is impossible to eliminate all the build up. Cleaning is still essential for good tasting beer. We will advise you if this problem persists and make cost-effective recommendations.

We do not clean the outside connections of the keg (i.e. beer, air lines, connections and couplers). If you request that service, there will be a minimal additional charge.
Perfect beer depends on regularly cleaning your lines. Everyone will notice the difference!

If you are not satisfied with your present service, or no one is servicing your lines now, please take a moment and give us a call. We will be happy to meet with you at YOUR convenience for a free estimate.